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Private Business English



Business English skills are needed for individuals communicating with English-speaking countries, working in local companies that use English in the workplace. To succeed, we help individuals use written and spoken English with greater ease and confidence. Topics may include grammar, pronunciation, making small talk, holding meetings, giving opinions, questioning, processes, and effective email writing, the writing process and the 4 C’s.

Online | Per month | Monday – Friday



30 mins / 1-hour per session

  • Customized learning is an educational approach that aims to customize learning for each student’s strengths, needs, skills and interests.
  • Each student gets a learning plan that’s based on what he knows and how he learns best.
  • Customization may help reduce the stigma of regular education.
  • A customized class encourages learners to showcase their qualifications and achievements

How do we customize learning at AE?

  1. We use learner profiles. 
  2. We continually assess our students. 
  3. We use flexible learning environment.


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