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Private IELTS Lesson


This course is designed for students who are thinking about taking IELTS, in a more focused manner. The training helps them to improve both their general English level and introduces elements of this special kind of assessment. The topics chosen will help students develop their skills and knowledge in connection with everyday topics at the start of the course and introduces topics that will be useful for the IELTS test as they progress.

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1 hours per lesson

This course has the following features:

  1. Speaking– this helps students to develop their confidence and skills on familiar topics that they will need to advance in their general English knowledge while also helping them to become more familiar with the type of questions that they will need to be able to deal with on the IELTS test.
  2. Writing– students develop their writing skills for everyday communication; become familiar with the type of tasks of the IELTS test; and learn about how these types of writing can be developed how they will be assessed.
  3. Reading– helps develop ideas and language skills that students can use with the other skills. This module also helps them get used to the types of questions they will face at IELTS in a way that is appropriate for students who are at this level.
  4. Listening – helps to develop strategies for listening and makes students aware of the types of activities that are used on the IELTS test. It also helps to build confidence and develop ideas that will help them with their short-term and long-term linguistic goals.


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