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Professionals Who Really Need Good English

Those who work in the arts and creative industry such as journalists, news presenters, editors, scriptwriters and lyricists are trained and expected to be at their best when it comes to English proficiency. However, there are professions that despite the kind of education they normally require, also gives better English communicators the added advantage.

English in the Workplace

Working professionals today are being expected to excel in spoken and written English. When dealing with clients and top management as well as preparing business documents, English is the official language of business. Being equipped with the right amount of knowledge and skills when it comes to English communication helps in shaping and enhancing one’s […]

Filipinism Boo-boos Over the Phone

More often than not, in a business setting, Filipinos use English in formal interactions done personally and over the phone. If there are common errors occurring during person-to-person dialogues, there are about the same number of boo-boos when it comes to phone conversations.

Here are the top ten examples of the usual mistakes Filipinos commit whenever they make a call or they’re on the receiving end, and the corresponding proper ways of expressing their statements to the other person:

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