Understand the key elements of business writing and use them to your advantage through a hands-on writing workshop. The course focuses on addressing common errors and shortcomings, writing good sentences, following a systematic writing process, and developing the ability to write clearly, confidently and professionally.


By the end of the training, participants will have:

  • Gained higher awareness of essential writing skills and etiquette.
  • Gained more confidence in writing in English by gaining more vocabulary and strategies.
  • Enhanced their active vocabulary (expressions, grammatical and lexical collocations, other lexical units) to communicate using various formats (emails, formal letters, etc).
  • Enhanced grammatical competence for writing in English.
  • Gain proactive approach in providing right service your customer deserved.
  • Increase customer satisfaction.


  • Common Errors in Writing in English for Business
  • Business Language for Writing: Tone and Vocabulary
  • Grammar Refreshment
  • Reporting Effectively: Using the 4 CS
  • The Writing Process
  • Effective E-mail Practices

Write an awesome impressive email
1: Know how to empathize
2: In customer service email, you want to sound personal, friendly and natural
3: Solve the problem without wasting customers time
4: Get your phrases right

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