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June 2016 Promos

CORPORATE Discover the Power of Communication Communication is the absolute indispensable professional skill. The way you speak holds colossal power but as with any form of power, it needs to be harnessed effectively. Discover how in 2 ways! One, claim your 2-Hour Training, absolutely FREE! (First come, first serve). Two, get trained – Buy 10 […]

8 Success Quotes to Inspire You

The journey towards success starts with having the right attitude. You need to first believe that you can do it before you can achieve it. Here are our top picks of inspirational quotes to give you that extra push on days when your motivation is running low.

Job-winning Interview Tips

Prepare for the interview by doing an online background research about your company and the job you’re applying for, in case these questions come up: “What do you know about our company?” and “What do you like about the job vacancy?”

A Pinoy’s Better English Communication for Globalization

The Philippines has been regarded as #3 among the largest English-speaking nations, with the US and UK holding the top positions — not bad for a developing country wherein even the uneducated try their best to speak and write English in its most basic form. Media and local tourism play a significant role in keeping them aware of basic terms and expressions, despite the fact that they can sometimes be unsure what they say or write actually means.

Good Communication for a Successful Business

Entrepreneurs must possess three essential skills to achieve the level of success that they deserve: business communication networking selling In order for an entrepreneur to find, familiarize himself and deal with his target market and convince them to patronize his company’s products and services, good communication makes these things happen. Hence, it stays at top rank based […]

Free Training (NGO-Sponsored) Still Available

American English’s partner NGO, Phil-Dutch Educational Scholarship Inc., is still open to new applications for deserving scholars who wish to take advantage of our business English and communication training programs. Filipinos who are either college degree holders or undergrads and are willing to learn skills essential for their desired careers are invited to sign up for the free training sessions once screened as qualified applicants.

Professionals Who Really Need Good English

Those who work in the arts and creative industry such as journalists, news presenters, editors, scriptwriters and lyricists are trained and expected to be at their best when it comes to English proficiency. However, there are professions that despite the kind of education they normally require, also gives better English communicators the added advantage.

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