Corporate Training

As we have established, we take on board organizations that require training for their skilled workers. We help achieve their goal and educate their employees to better understand the language and power of communication. 

Our interactive and motivating employee communication training will sharpen your team’s writing, presentation, human interaction, and listening abilities, allowing them to flourish in their roles and meet critical business objectives. When employees don’t meet the communication standard and clear communication is not practiced, projects fail, organizational productivity declines and job satisfaction is not met. 

We at American English use proven methods to make it easy for our clients to learn and apply the communication skill set. We tailor our program according to your organizational goal and develop engaging communicators in your organization that will level up your organization’s standard.

We help drive capability and communication skill development for your workforce from all levels. Through our customized training programs, we provide interactive training sessions at your organization to help enhance your employees’ connection and improve their efficiency and boost their communication levels.

We will help your organization to develop and manage your employees with powerful communication, bring in Business and manage your customer services. We teach your workforce exceptional persuading skills to reach out to new prospective clients and customers. 

We tailor our program keeping in mind your organization’s goal and strategies and help develop your team.

American English is bound to bring revolution in the non-native market, helping people gain their language power and thrive on being leaders. With our customized training programs, we will polish your employees’ communication skills, which will bring better results and increase your organization’s productivity.



Conceptualization and Design

Target market research

Content writing

Mock-up creation

Layout, Illustrations, and Graphic Design

Editing and Proof-reading

Printing / Online Publication

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