One-on-One Training

One-on-One Training:

American English is bound to provide you with the best services that help you develop your  communication skills and secure your dream position in the corporate world. 

It takes an expert to deliver one-on-one training as it requires a high level of Focus and understanding.  We provide one-on-one training to individuals and employees to help them progress in their respective fields. 

English has become the key to success, and those with strong communication skills are considered the priority in the organization at hiring levels and for high positions. Every organization wants an employee who can represent the organization at all levels, so many firms want to train their teams, and in a few moments,  they want a few individuals to be trained. 

Through one-on-one training, it gets easier to cater to the demand and outcome of a training program.

English Communication


Presentation training:

Presentation skills are required to make your message persuade people to listen to you. These skills are critical to expanding your Business or in client acquisition. Your presentation abilities will be critical for persuading people, influencing their behaviors, and establishing long-term relationships.


We will bring you brainstorming training to enhance your thinking capability. Through this course, you will acquire how to develop your communication skills and communicate with people your thoughts. We will teach you how to bring thoughts to words and communicate effectively.

Online Communication:

Learn how to communicate effectively online, and you can have a chance to be hired as a chat manager or a social media manager.

Accent Neutralization:

We not only help you develop your verbal communication, but we will also help you talk with a proper accent that doesn’t look fake and is easy to understand.

Customer Service:

Every Business requires a Customer Service representative. With our training program, you will learn how to effectively communicate with empathy and assertion to represent your company and give your customer the best customer service experience.

Conflict Management:

Using wise words during a conflict with an employee, management, or customer is crucial. You can easily solve conflicts and save your company’s reputation with the best communication skills.

IELTS Preparation:

We prepare you for IELTS so you can travel and work anywhere In the world, fulfilling your English proficiency requirement.

Write Content:

We will train you to write online content, including websites, articles, technical writing, thesis and training materials like a pro.

Interview Training:

We want you to ace your first interview. To achieve this goal, we will take you on a customized ride to get you ready for the job interview and help you get over your anxieties and prepare how to answer with courtesy and confidence in the first place.

Writing Blogs:

Blogs are very famous on the internet today, helping people express their feelings and concerns and sharing them with the world. We will teach you how to write persuasive and informative blogs and share your words with the world.

Leadership Communication:

To take the game a step up, we will train you with our expertise in leadership and help you gain communication skills like that of a leader.

Speech enhancement:

Enhance your speech skills and speak flawlessly with our Speech enhancement training program.

Business Writing and English:

Our Business Writing Program teaches business writing like a pro and never fails to please your client. We teach you the aspects of English specifically used in Business.

Intercultural Communication:

Learn intercultural communication and be more flexible in communication with different cultural people. You will perform great in organizations where the culture is diverse.

Presentation Skills:

AE trains you for high-impact presentation skills, so you present your work flawlessly on any podium with complete confidence in yourself.

Teach Online:

Want to teach on an online platform? Get along with our training program, learn how to teach online, and earn money.

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