About us

Empowering People through Learning Solutions since 2006

American English opened in March 2006 with its first project – teaching 2,000 unemployed college grads and out-of-school youth for call center-readiness – in partnership with TESDA and the Pasay city government.

The project marked the beginning of what would be AE’s trademark – our unique ability to anticipate and respond to felt gaps and needs in the learning & development field. We saw job opportunities for many Filipinos in call centers, the gaps in current skills that made many Pinoys unemployable, and we positioned ourselves to address these gaps and put such employment opportunities within reach. Since then, AE has trained and provided books to hundreds more Filipinos in communication skills and work-readiness to help them enter the job market.

Training - American English

In 2007, AE began providing corporate training solutions to traditional and emerging industries – construction, energy, retail, health care, BPO, IT, and many others – upskilling workers in intercultural and business communication in order to become 21st century professionals and thrive in global business.

We also expanded work in public service – partnering with local, national and foreign governments – Land Bank, GSIS, LGUs, diplomatic embassies, to name a few – to build communicative competencies of local and national government staff, and expat professionals.

And in 2016, AE went international. We launched pisara.ph, one of the first Filipino-made online learning platforms. We also began partnerships with universities and academies in Vietnam, China and Japan, not only to train students, but to train teachers.

Today, the AE brand has a global, multi-market reach, with a fully-online course curriculum for private and public companies, individual professionals and even kids.


AE breaks free from traditional English/soft skills training and technology.

Our goal is Communicative Competence, not English knowledge or proficiency.

Our goal is to develop 21st century professionals and companies– competent, creative and critical thinkers in using English in order to succeed in global business.

Our approach does not make students study English, but USE English in real life – as quickly and as competently as possible.

Our students experience real-life English communication. We provide interactive, exciting and enjoyable experiences that build real-world skills and strategies in understanding and interacting in English.

We expand students’ vocabulary not by teaching single words but lexical chunks – formulaic language, collocations, idioms, and flexible lexical frames to perform various tasks and achieve communicative goals – small talk/conversation, business transactions, meetings, texts and emails, presenting, public speaking.

Instead of textbooks, we use course books, realia and authentic, real-world materials – posters, ads, music videos, online games, chat forums, menus, news articles, etc.

Best of all, we have excellent trainers and coaches who are well-trained and experienced in working with

  • all types of learner clients – Filipino or not, beginner or advanced
  • various learning modes – one-on-one coaching or group training, on and off-line.

Our trainers and coaches ensure a warm, comfortable but challenging learning environment, and customizes lessons to perfectly suit every learner’s need.

With our approach, students

  • develop the right attitude – one that is free from fear and anxiety – allowing them to integrate English as part of their unique personal identity (not as an add-on second or foreign language)
  • learn to make small talk naturally using formulaic language and strategies to start, end and carry on conversations, and by doing so, establish meaningful personal connections with others
  • make business transactions in person, on the phone, and online – fill in forms, give and get information, make inquiries and requests, buy goods and services, make complaints and apologies, follow up.
  • participate in meetings – give opinions and ideas, agree and disagree, interrupt, change the subject, summarize and paraphrase.
  • write emails, texts and written reports with clarity, courtesy and confidence
  • apply strategies to overcome fears, language barriers and other difficulties and challenges of real-life communication
  • understand cultures and Englishes – varieties of English – British vs American, formal vs informal, business vs personal.
  • change their accents by prioritizing the most important pronunciation features for intelligibility and comprehensibility
  • quickly understand written and spoken English by interpreting context and nuance
  • learn advanced language for reading, writing, presenting and public speaking

Our Goals:

  • Total client satisfaction and positive learning outcomes
  • Quality training and coaching, with the best trainers in the business
  • Organizational integrity and efficiency
  • Meaningful partnerships with business, government and academe for education and learning


To provide top quality, customized training for our clients, maintaining their objectives and meeting their training requirements, ensuring customer satisfaction and creating great communicators.


By providing tailor made courses, American English will enhance the communication skills of our students, providing interactive learning experiences and creating more opportunities in this global world.

What do we do?

At American English, we pride ourselves in providing informal and practical English, Business Communication, and other soft skills training that benefit you using online, blended learning, and traditional classroom education. Now you can enjoy, paperless homework, easily accessible learning materials, collaborative group work with other learners and a schedule that works for you.

What's New?

Since 2019, American English core and focus in personal and corporate learning is shifting from traditional classroom functions into online education. We aim to be a learning enabler of digital education and business transformation thru strategic partnership with business and cooperate with management to identify areas of improvement in learning and development.

In training, we offer a complete package, let us do the work for you!