The Best School for English Grammar Lessons and Business Communication in the Philippines

American English prides itself in its over eight years of experience and expertise in both training and development of individuals and corporate clients. Training materials are proven effective and tested to be applied as an advanced technique with relevant methodologies. These are applied in refined English grammar lessons and tutorials, advanced Business English for corporate clients, and improved communication skills for individuals.

Our programs and courses are developed to teach students the rules and guidelines about the English language. It includes a neutral accent and pronunciation as well as enhancement of an individual’s comprehension without the need for mental translation from the native dialect to English language.

What sets American English apart from the other English training institutes is its focal thrust for “Accent Addition”. Here, students are trained not to eliminate the accent but rather control it. Our trainers amplify the abilities of the students to easily do transition from their original accent to a more neutral one or vice versa.

As one of the best English schools in Metro Manila, our goal is to continue empowering students, working professionals and corporate practitioners.

Contact us today to know more about our programs, courses and how we can help you as an individual, team or the company.

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