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9 Years of Better English, Better Business “Nosebleed” no more!  This book will improve everyday spoken English and fluency in business communication Speak Smart!  Customized Intensive English and ESL Training English Courses Available from CEO to Staff Level

#GoManny – The Ultimate Pinoy Inspiration

Pound-for-pound boxer and international superstar Manny “PacMan” Pacquiao came from a poor family, worked upon dropping out of school as a result of poverty, and pursued boxing when he moved to Manila at a very young age. Continue reading.

#SaveMaryJane: A Case of Good vs. Bad Communication

As of this writing, Filipina on death row in Indonesia Mary Jane Veloso was given last-minute temporary reprieve. Unlike her co-death row inmates, she was spared by the Indonesian government earlier today, April 29. Continue reading.

Congratulations, New Graduates – Welcome to the Real World!

The real world is where each and every adult must be flexible, level-headed, self-sufficient, street-smart, hardworking, goal-oriented and results-oriented in order to survive and succeed. Continue reading.

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