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Lead by Example: Skills for Success 9 Years of Better English, Better Business “Nosebleed” no more!  This book will improve everyday spoken English and fluency in business communication Speak Up!  Customized Intensive English and ESL Training English Courses Available from CEO to Staff Level

8 Success Quotes to Inspire You

The journey towards success starts with having the right attitude. You need to first believe that you can do it before you can achieve it. Here are our top picks of inspirational quotes to give you that extra push on days when your motivation is running low. Continue reading.

Business Communication: Understanding Cultural Differences

Learning about culture is no longer limited to travelers. Working with expats and dealing with foreign schoolmates and neighbors become a lot easier when there's sufficient knowledge on their cultural backgrounds. Continue reading.

4 Communication Skills you Need to Develop to Get that Promotion

Making a name for yourself in the workplace isn’t always about how much you know or whom you rub elbows with. It’s being able to put forth a professional attitude at all times and showing the people who matter what you’re truly capable of. Continue reading.

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