9 Years of Better English, Better Business “Nosebleed” no more!  This book will improve everyday spoken English and fluency in business communication Speak Smart!  Customized Intensive English and ESL Training English Courses Available from CEO to Staff Level

The Best School for English Grammar Lessons and Business Communication in the Philippines

American English prides itself in its nine years of experience and expertise in communication training and the professional development of individuals and corporate clients. Training designs, materials and methodologies are proven effective and  testified to by countless clients.

We offer English speaking lessons and tutorials, advanced Business English for executives and corporate clients, and basic-intermediate-advanced communication skills for individuals and professionals.

What sets American English apart from other English training institutes is our approach – we never deliver the same training to different clients. We customize each project to suit each client’s needs. We also design training to be practical and interactive, using communicative language learning methods and activities that allow for maximum student motivation and application.

As the best English school in Metro Manila, our goal is to continue empowering students, professionals and corporations.

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Congratulations, New Graduates – Welcome to the Real World!

The real world is where each and every adult must be flexible, level-headed, self-sufficient, street-smart, hardworking, goal-oriented and results-oriented in order to survive and succeed.

Job-winning Interview 101

Prepare for the interview by doing an online background research about your company and the job you’re applying for, in case these questions come up: “What do you know about our company?” and “What do you like about the job vacancy?”

An English Teacher’s New “BFF”!

Don’t Speak Good, Speak Well! the “nosebleed” edition was recently published targeting Filipinos of various demographics who wish to communicate the way Americans, Brits, and other native English speakers do.

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