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4 Communication Skills you Need to Develop to Get that Promotion

Making a name for yourself in the workplace isn’t always about how much you know or whom you rub elbows with. It’s being able to put forth a professional attitude at all times and showing the people who matter what you’re truly capable of. Continue reading.

5 Reasons to Invest in a Business Writing Course

Improving your overall English skills will take time and effort, but all your hard work is sure to pay of once you see how better writing can help you succeed in the workplace. If you think you need a bit more help, here are 5 reasons to invest in a business writing course today! Continue reading.

Education in the Philippines and How We Can Help

Looking at the current state of our education, it’s hard to believe that the Philippines used to be the envied by its Asian neighbors. Students from neighboring countries would flock to the Philippines just to have access to quality education. Continue reading.

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