About us

Providing English and Business Communication Skills training since 2006.

American English is established in providing high-quality English and Business Communication training in traditional classroom settings. However in this fast-paced world, the way we do business, communicate and learn is evolving and American English strive to be ahead of the game and move with the times.

We live in an era where technologies evolve rapidly and digital classrooms and learning are at the touch of a button and we want to be a part of that world; and because of that we have introduced our online learning.  All the quality and expertise that you expect from American English but with the added option of a virtual classroom, enabling you to learn anytime, anywhere.

American English is committed to developing cutting-edge training and solutions to take your English and communication skills to the next level while returning unsurpassed value on your investment. We take pride in our ability to tailor our courses to your specific needs and provide students with the very best language and communication tools they need to stay ahead of the curve.

Our key competencies both in delivering personal and corporate customized training are transparency, scalability, flexibility, adaptability, and best customer experience using our very own learning management system.


To provide top quality, customized training for our clients, maintaining their objectives and meeting their training requirements, ensuring customer satisfaction and creating great communicators.


By providing tailor made courses, American English will enhance the communication skills of our students, providing interactive learning experiences and creating more opportunities in this global world.

What do we do?

At American English, we pride ourselves in providing informal and practical English, Business Communication, and other soft skills training that benefit you using online, blended learning, and traditional classroom education. Now you can enjoy, paperless homework, easily accessible learning materials, collaborative group work with other learners and a schedule that works for you.

What's New?

Since 2019, American English core and focus in personal and corporate learning is shifting from traditional classroom functions into online education. We aim to be a learning enabler of digital education and business transformation thru strategic partnership with business and cooperate with management to identify areas of improvement in learning and development.

In training, we offer a complete package, let us do the work for you!

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