How to Speak Naturally and Learn Naturally

I’m going to share with you a few of my best tips for speaking naturally and learning naturally—speaking and learning naturally is not something you can develop overnight.

Introduction: There is a vast difference between a student who speaks naturally and one who struggles to learn naturally. When it comes to learning, the students with natural ability can speak very easily, whereas those without this ability find it extremely hard. It’s the same with speaking – people with natural ability speak effortlessly while those who struggle find it difficult to speak naturally.


This is how to speak naturally and learn naturally, and you’ll see the same principles behind natural speech and learning that work in your business life as well.


What is Speaking Naturally?

Speaking naturally is about making your communication flow from one point to the next without getting stuck on one word or sentence or any particular thought process.

To be able to speak naturally is to be able to be yourself and to not think about what people are going to say to you. You should let yourself be you when speaking. This is not a good time to try and be someone you are not. If you’re nervous, if your voice is high, if you’re talking too fast, or if you try to sound smart, it’s all going to show on your end. When you’re speaking naturally, you just talk.

When you speak naturally, you are comfortable in your own body and what comes out of your mouth is the way it should be coming out. Your voice does not get all squeaky and strained when you speak naturally. You may also be able to hear the words as they come out of your mouth. When you speak naturally, you also show the listener that you care.

What Is Learning Naturally?

Natural learning can be defined as learning that happens without formal instruction or the use of a textbook. But what does that mean exactly? The word “natural” implies a process or activity that occurs without artificial, forced, or learned methods. 

Learning naturally is not about doing nothing, sitting around and waiting for information to come in. It’s about actively engaging with the world in ways that are meaningful and important to you. Learning naturally is also not about passively observing the world around you and absorbing the knowledge that is available to you. It’s about taking ownership of your own learning and actively participating in it. Learning from Experience When we learn naturally, we learn by doing.

The Secret Formula to Learning How to Speak Naturally

I use an approach called the 4P model to help students speak naturally. The four P’s stand for positive preparation, practice, presentation, and pacing. Let me explain. Positive preparation means being prepared to speak naturally – you must practice how to speak your message clearly before speaking, but then you need to practice more. The reason is that the way you practice isn’t the same way that you speak, so it’s important to practice until you can practice as if you are speaking, which means speaking naturally. The second P is practice. The key here is that you have to practice until you can’t do it any better – and you can’t get any better than speaking naturally. So, the third P is practicing your message. The fourth P is pacing. This is the most important part. In other words, when you start speaking you have to know that you have to talk for some time.

The Secret Formula to Learning How to Learn Naturally

I am often asked by students, what is the secret formula for learning naturally? The answer is really simple, there is no single formula. I would recommend that you simply focus on having a routine in your life that helps you build habits. You can start small and get more creative over time, if that is your style, or starting with a problem to solve. If you’re not solving a problem, you don’t really know how to learn anything new in a naturally way. Beside routine and solving problems, it’s all a matter of practicing. Practice, practice, practice and practice some more…… 

In conclusion

I think that speaking naturally and learning naturally are the keys to mastering any skill. To speak naturally, you must practice the skills to a point where you don’t even have to think about them. And then you can begin to learn naturally. You can practice your voice and speech patterns, build your speaking confidence, and develop your public speaking skills. It takes some work, but it is totally worth it! It’s amazing how much you can achieve with the right tools, mindset, and strategies.

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Peter Buijs

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I am a proud blogger and company owner, I am managing all marketing activities for American English Skills Development Center and mostly working from home. When I’m not working, you’ll find me enjoying time playing guitar, traveling, diving and drinking a delicious Pale Pilsen beer which I consider the best beer in the Philippines. My biggest wish is to ride a big bike and buy a boat and sail to all 7107 islands in the Philippines. 

Speak to you soon! 

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