Shifting Gears in Education: from Traditional to Virtual Learning

Shifting Gears in Education: from Traditional to Virtual Learning

The pandemic has brought about drastic changes in the economy, the people’s lifestyle, and the educational system all over the world. In some parts of Asia, there is an on-going debate whether or not schools should be allowed to resume classes- and should we do so, what kind of method are we going to adapt since traditional norms are definitely out of the question for some parents- at least for this academic year?

Because of this unexpected turn of events, so-called “online learning sites” with preloaded learning content sprung up like mushrooms. You can read about them in Facebook newsfeeds and other forms of social media offering online courses; the question is: Would these preloaded contents target and answer the specific needs of the learners? Also, would online learning suffice the requirements of an educational system that is grounded on traditional settings?

To answer these questions, we have listed five reasons why online learning could positively adapt to the ‘new norm’:

1. Students learn at their own pace. They can take the class by setting their own schedule and can take them anywhere. Online courses are also flexible and may be customized according to their level and skills.

2. The integration of technology allows a variety of learning styles. Classroom routines and activities might already be a bore to some students but the use of technology will open up various approaches and techniques to reinforce learning such as educational games, the social media, etc.

3. Online learning improves self-discipline and self-motivation. The younger generation are easily distracted by their devices. Also, they are used to having set times in their schools. In online learning, they develop self-control in using their gadgets and follow certain study routines. They take responsibility because it requires them to work on their own.

4. The virtual classroom adapts to different personality styles. Virtual learning may bring about positive outcomes for students who are introverted and would not put them into a lot of pressure to participate in class.

5. Online learning saves time and money. Going to class every day, waking up early to prepare yourself and commuting are some of the factors why students are always stressed- which sometimes leads to poor academic performance. These precious hours spent may just as well be used in studying online.

The flexibility of virtual education and maximizing the use of technology allow students to engage in more interactive, communicative learning. That is what American English is trying to adapt right now. Experience the “new norm” in education and enroll with us.

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