Corporate Training

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  • Speech Enhancement

    Our speech enhancement course takes the skills that are already there when conversing and elevates them to another level.  We practice the art of small talk, presenting information, and grammar refreshment and boost confidence to enable students to communicate with ease.

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  • Accent Neutralization

    Speak English with a more neutral and natural accent by learning and applying techniques to improve pronunciation, stress, liaisons and intonation.  Practice with native speakers and non-native speakers to gain more exposure to various accents, and help improve your own.

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  • Intensive English Assessment

    Our Customized Corporate English and Training Needs Assessment Solutions are tailored to meet your industry and business needs as well as the specific needs of your training participants. AESDC offers any type of assessment that we build and customize as diagnostic tools for determining competencies and points of improvement towards identifying training needs that impact effectiveness and performance within a company or organization.


  • Conversational English

    If you are new to a country, want to build confidence to strike up conversations with new people or want to perfect the art of small talk then this course is for you.  We focus on communication and fluency to enable people to converse with ease.

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  • Business Writing

    Understand the key elements of business writing and use them to your advantage through a hands-on writing workshop. The course focuses on addressing common errors and shortcomings, writing good sentences, following a systematic writing process, and developing the ability to write clearly, confidently and professionally.

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