Technical Writing

A practical experiential course to help individuals use English with greater ease and confidence, combining conversational English with accent training.

All packages including:

  • Pre assessment

  • Training needs analysis

  • Post assessment

Delivery of each training package can de done:

  • Face to Face

  • Online

  • Blended

  • The course is designed to help students achieve professional standards in their technical writing. The course provides real-life practice on
  • simple to complex sentence and paragraph construction
  • topic development
  • effective practices in writing multi-page documents, including formatting, editing and proofreading
  • Following a 5-step writing process – outlining, drafting, revising, editing and proofreading.
  • Can be customized for various forms of writing – journalism, technical reports, manual writing, etc

A practical course designed to help you improve your technical writing skills, in whatever field you’re in.

Who can take the course

  • Duration: 24-40 hours
  • Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Participants: Anyone who want intensive speech practice
Class Option

Customized Corporate Group 16 Hours, Customized Corporate Group 24 Hours, Customized Corporate Group 40 Hours, Customized Corporate Group 8 Hours

Class Schedule

anyone who do technical writing as part of their work


Q: What grammar topics are included?

A: Students are asked to do a writing test before the course, and based on their score, the course is organized to focus on the areas that most need to be improved.

Q: Who is the course for?

A: Anyone who write and present reports and other documents regularly to clients and the company at large.

Q: Does the course provide writing templates and samples?

A: Yes, you’ll get various document samples to review and use as reference or templates in writing your own reports.


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