Bench Sajuela
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Alison nailed it, the training itself is excellent and she delivered it with her commanding presence and so much of her passion making us all, the participants very engaged. I would definitely recommend this learning session for all organizations looking for optimal growth and improved communication in their workplace.
Yna Tomada
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Everything that was discussed in this whole day activity was very helpful for us staff, specially that there will be an upcoming international accreditation. The training was excellent. Ali and Chris were very accommodating and made sure that the end of the day, we are confident enough to face unexpected circumstances
Christine Sy
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Their Conversational English and Assertive Communication workshop was great! Alison was an awesome trainer. She was very lively and she kept everyone engaged throughout the session. We felt comfortable sharing our thoughts and participating in the activities. I'm looking forward to attending their future sessions
Carla Mei Barundia
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I enjoyed the training very well. Since the start of the training, we were clearly aware of the objectives. Another reason for recommendation is the style of conducting the training as it was very lively and interesting. The speakers were never boring and i must say that they really know their audience. Kudos to the whole team!
Lyn Signey
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For me the training is an affirmation of what I have been doing is on the right track but at the same it's a realization that there are still something that I should improve on. Simplify things. The training is lively and in fact very fun too. It's brief but compact for the participants to appreciate it. The facilitators are straightforward, calm and very competent
Adalene Medard
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It was a memorable experience learning in American English. The method of instruction is very comprehensive. I am a French and I was not very fluent nor confident in speaking English before. They helped me improve my speaking and writing skills through engaging and fun activities. There was never a dull moment as their trainers are very friendly and competent. They have rooms made just for one on one sessions which helped me as I was initially shy. I have gained life long friends and I am thankful for the whole learning experience. I will definitely recommend them to any non-american who wants to develop their skills and confidence. Keep up the good work American English!