Training Outsourcing

Training Support
We’ll help design, develop and deliver your training interventions, even your entire training program for the year. We’ll even help you hire and train your training staff, using best practices and effective methods and technologies in Learning & Development.

Our expert Training Consultants will help you

  • Design and conduct training needs analysis – from designing and administering data-gathering tools and methods, to analyzing results in order to identify training needs and key skills and competencies your organization needs to grow.
  • Train the Trainer/Teacher (T3) – we’ll collaborate with your teaching / training staff to understand their needs, and design the most relevant, practical and effective courses to upskill them immediately, from the basics of training/teaching design and delivery, to the full spectrum of instructional and educational practice – needs analysis, curriculum/course design, material development, lesson planning, instructional strategies, classroom activities, and testing and assessment


TNA Design and Administration

Installation of Performance(KPI) Monitoring and Evaluation systems

Training Department Support — program installation, teacher/trainer training

Development of Training Content and Materials