Mastering Online Communication

Be at your professional best online, and make real meaningful connections with clients and peers. Learn easy strategies that will make you relax and shine at your next Zoom meeting.

All packages including:

  • Pre assessment

  • Training needs analysis

  • Post assessment

Delivery of each training package can de done:

  • Face to Face

  • Online

  • Blended

  • Making small talk online
  • Yes, small talk is still important when you do your online meetings on Zoom/MS Teams/etc. Mastering Online Communication can become impersonal, awkward and ultimately ineffective in maintaining personal and professional relationships with clients and colleagues. So learn how to project your personality and connect with people online through small talk.
  • Delivering online presentations
  • Online presentations can be challenging to even seasoned speakers. Learn easy techniques to help you organize and deliver great presentations, troubleshoot issues, and get your message across with success
  • Managing online meetings
  • Learn easy techniques on starting and closing meetings, giving your ideas and opinions, interrupting, transitioning, gatekeeping, etc
  • Practice troubleshooting techniques to manage technical and other issues with grace
  • Acing an online job interview
  • Present yourself at your best online with simple but effective techniques on communicating virtually. Project a confident and competent presence through simple gestures, camera techniques, voice modulation, and question-and-answer management.

Be at your professional best online, and make real meaningful connections with clients and peers. Learn easy strategies that will make you relax and shine at your next Zoom meeting.

Mastering Online Communication is now part and parcel of daily life.
But it’s not always easy.
It can be impersonal, awkward, challenging, even downright disastrous.

Be at your best in online situations using simple, but tried-and-tested strategies and techniques, and get more success in building and maintaining real connections between people.

Who can take the course

  • For people who frequently use Zoom, MSTeams and other online apps to work and collaborate
  • For people new to online meeting apps
  • For new graduates and young professionals seeking work
  • For children and young adults using online apps for school
  • For business people who handle customers and conduct business online
Class Option

Customized Corporate Group 16 Hours, Customized Corporate Group 24 Hours, Customized Corporate Group 40 Hours, Customized Corporate Group 8 Hours

Class Schedule


Q. What will I get from the course?

A. You’ll learn useful techniques for common online situations, such as how to answer difficult questions without looking blank or dumb, how to handle awkward silences or technical issues, online do’s and don’ts, and useful language and gestures to project a warm, professional personality online that will make people really connect with you as if you were with them in person.

Q: I don’t have the time to take an 8-hour course because I work full time. Is there a way to take the course on my own schedule?

A: Absolutely. We have set schedules for those who can take them, but we also offer one-on-one sessions of 1-2 hours based on your available time for a slightly higher rate. Just click the Enroll Now button and it will give you the schedule options.

Q: Who will teach the course?

A. You’ll be in safe hands. Our seasoned and professional trainers, some of whom have been in the training industry for decades, will guide your learning with warmth and encouragement, and at the same time make sure you get maximum benefit from the course. We take a personal approach to all our students, many of whom keep coming back and become part of the American English family.


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