Excellence in Leadership Communication


The course focuses on Excellence in Leadership Communication and emotional intelligence to become a more successful leader and manager by learning effective techniques for negotiating, managing difficult people, addressing issues, delegating tasks and motivating the workforce. These activities would be done through simulations and case studies.

Group Training: Per person (minimum of 12)

Duration: One (1) month, 24 hours (schedule shall be agreed upon by both the trainer and the trainee)

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Class Option

Group 20 hours, Group 40 hours, One on One 20 Hours, One on One 40 Hours

Learning Outcomes

  • Learned techniques in negotiation, persuasion and conflict management
  • Enhanced organizational/team culture, team building and efficiency
  • improved customer/client relations management and service

Course Package

Note to Corporations: If you wish to avail of this training exclusively for your employees or company, please contact us.

Group Training: Per person (minimum of 12)
Group Value: 12 participants +1 free
Inclusive of:

  • Pre-Assessment (per individual)
  • Handouts
  • Materials and resources for independent study
  • Training certificate (at the end of the course)


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