Pass that English Test

A practical experiential course to help individuals use English with greater ease and confidence, combining conversational English with accent training.

All packages including:

  • Pre assessment

  • Training needs analysis

  • Post assessment

Delivery of each training package can de done:

  • Face to Face

  • Online

  • Blended

  • Most frequently-appearing grammar and vocabulary questions in standard tests
  • Understand multiple-choice test questions and how to pick the right answer
  • Understand short texts for reading comprehension questions
  • Test do’s and don’ts

A micro-course is full of useful tips and strategies for scoring high on your pass that English Test. Whether it’s for a job or university/scholarship application, this course will give you an intensive review of most standard test questions and the best way to navigate your way through it with flying colours.

Who can take the course

  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Skill Level: Beginner to Advanced
  • Participants: New graduates, professionals looking for work
Class Option

Customized Corporate Group 16 Hours, Customized Corporate Group 24 Hours, Customized Corporate Group 40 Hours, Customized Corporate Group 8 Hours

Class Schedule


Q: What activities will be included in the course?

A: Much of the course will be devoted to discussing most frequently-used questions and question types and how best to answer them. Students then practice with short quizzes and exercises.

Q: Will the course cover standard tests like TOEFL or IELTS?

A: While the course is informed by these standard tests, it is really designed for other scholastic and professional tests. For IELTS review, you should take the IELTS Preparation Course.

Q: I have specific issues when taking tests. Can I ask the trainer to focus on my specific difficulties?

A: Yes. If you take a one-on-one course, the course will be tailored to your most urgent problem areas. If you are taking a group course, the trainer will try to accommodate your request to the extent possible.


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